S/S 2020


We use linen for our first spring/summer collection for its originat nature, solid and shiny characters. Linen is able to absorb quickly and also dry very fast. So it’s favored by everyone as one of the most suitable materials for hot summer days.

Our products made from linen are very rustic, natural with a non-sophisticated elegance. The more linen is washed, the softer and more flexible it becomes. The wrinkles after drying become small and even, also a characteristic beauty of this fabric.


We are living in a world, which the human being is in the absolute center. We always try to differentiate ourselves on the one hand and unite with other humans on the other hand. The initial inspirations of the collection for S/S 2019 are based on the combination of Japanese streetstyles, European free lifestyles and many other cultures, whose goal is to connect the different worlds as well as to reflect and modernize traditions.

The main fabrics of the collection are linen and linen mix cotton. The collection is modern, determined, strong and meaningful, thanks to the choice of fabrics and silhouettes.



The patterns of the collection are inspired from asian culture, where oversized clothes are always the favourite. Beside using light and elegant colours in this collect, our designer also used some colourful prinst, which reflect the old elegant and beautiful asian culture.

The oversized fashion of this young label brings new shapes and colors into the still young market of oversized fashion in Europe.


In the accessoires sections the designer used sequin and shinny materials to modernize the collection.
Details such as buttons, sequins and ruffles are combined, adding to the mood of the collection.